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    My name is Stefanie Reeb. I'm a designer and passionate food-lover and cook. I'm living together with my love Thomas, a gifted photographer who is taking lots of pictures for this blog, and Lilly, the pooch.

    I love good food that loves me back: food, that nurtures my body, mind and soul. Sounds good? Let's cook!

Beluga lentil salad and time for a picnic

Today is my dear friend Lings’ birthday (happy birthday, Dar-Ling!!) and this is normally the time of the year when the picnic season starts. When we still lived in Berlin we packed all kinds of nice things to eat in a bag and went to the Tiergarten in the middle of town where we all … Continue reading

Crispbread with seeds

The crispbread we are talking about today behaves like a really good friend should: it goes very well together with others (like people – or in this case: spreads) but is delicious just by itself without being boring at all. Tonight I didn’t sleep so well so I got up and snuggled on the sofa … Continue reading

My ultimate comfort food for times of change: beetroot burgers with spelt flour buns

Hello my dear food lover, it’s the last day of the year already. It feels good to me to end this year and have a fresh start tomorrow. The beginning of a new year always contains such a sweet promise. It is all about change – and change is exciting. It bears so many possibilities. … Continue reading

Gingerbread cookies hanging on your christmas tree

It’s christmas time again. And christmas time is the high season for my beloved cookies which is only one reason among others why I really like this time of the year. Did you know that I’m even married to a man whose birthday is on December 24? And I’m not talking about Jesus. What I … Continue reading

My fastest tomato sauce for our summer of love

Tomatoes, basil and pasta. It’s such a cliché. It’s such a classic. It’s such a simple dish. And it can taste either so boring or so good, it all depends on the quality of the ingredients and the love and thought that is put into preparation. The pasta sauce I’m sharing with you today is … Continue reading

Spring time salad with asparagus and peas

I’m on Mallorca and there is no doubt: spring is there! It’s green, sunny, there are tiny flowers everywhere, there’s a lot of asparagus, peas and all kinds of greens on the markets. So when my dear friend Ling, who’s a chef (and fashion designer) with her own catering company EATLING came to the island last … Continue reading

For adventurers only: Black bean chocolate cookies

I’m a big fan of adventure when it comes to cooking and baking (and not only there, but more about that later). I just LOVE finding new ways of delighting my taste buds with never before experienced combinations. Or, in some cases, experiencing an expected taste, like eating a chocolate cookie and tasting a chocolate … Continue reading

Happy on a sunday afternoon: lemon poppyseed muffins and whipped cream with raspberries

It’s saturday evening. One more sleep till sunday. I love sundays. Sundays feel free to me. I’m a freelancer so I can choose when to work and when to rest. Still, it’s not about that. Sundays are a blind spot. They open a space that I can just fill with whatever pleases me. There is … Continue reading

Food therapy: orange-flavoured pumpkin soup with cilantro pesto

My friend Olive, living in Los Angeles but coming from Korea, is a big foodie just like myself. When we met for brunch lately she became excited about the food and exclaimed: “This is food therapy!” I loved hearing that, not only because the brunch took place at our house but because that’s a phrase … Continue reading

Happy food for the new year

A happy new year to all of you, my dear friends and fellow foodlovers! How was your year 2011? What did you love, what did you learn, what did you eat? My year 2011 was full of movement and excitement. I stayed in a foreign country with lots and lots of sunshine. I studied yoga … Continue reading

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