Recipe for a fulfilled life

Today is the last day of a wonderful and important time in my life – Thomas’ and my year in LA. How can I celebrate life better than with my beautiful friends at a nice place with wonderful food? That’s what Thomas and I did tonight. When we met at the restaurant with Oliver and Nathalie we all still had some things going on in our minds – some stress we carried around with us throughout the day, little annoyances, thoughts about flying back to Germany the next day …

The food arrived – we had dinner at “Cleo” in Hollywood so we’ve got some oven fresh flatbread with delicious middle eastern dips and tapas –, and all thoughts and worries dissipated into sweet nothingness. The unbearable lightness of being. Sitting at the table with my loved ones, caressing my senses with good food, makes me want to embrace everything inside and outside of myself. What’s the recipe for a fulfilled life I wondered?

For me it’s about this: loving ourselves and loving others, being a giver of love and being a receiver of it. Enjoying the beautiful gift of our senses. Indulging life, celebrating it. Understanding that we are much more powerful than we think we are. Being grateful for everything that is. Knowing that we are exactly at the right place at exactly the right time. Losing and finding ourselves again. Standing up, speaking up and doing it our own way. Embracing life to the fullest without regret. Being curious, finding inspiration everywhere. Being excited. Learning something new every day. Being present. Showing up. Being playful like a child. Laughing at the world and about ourselves. Feeling at ease. Directing our boat downstream. Finding a true home in our heart. Failing and missing and stumbling and falling and getting up to try again.

What’s cooking for you? What recipe works best for you?



5 Responses to “Recipe for a fulfilled life”
  1. Bill Chaney says:

    I just visited the Cleo website – the selection of food looks fantastic!

  2. Oh yes, the food was really inspiring. It seemed like the chef put a lot of thought into the creation of every dish.

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    we arrived two month ago in Silicon Valley, and now I have to read you are leaving? So whats going on? We just moved in our new home in Mountain View. Happy to invite you guys, some day!


    Wolfgang, Gamze and Yunus

    • Wolfgang! Ihr seid im Silicon Valley? Oh schade, dass wir uns gerade verpasst haben! Aber wir werden bestimmt oefter in Kalifornien sein, denn es ist zu einer zweiten Heimat geworden. Was hat Euch dorthin gebracht? Freue mich, von Dir zu hoeren!

      • wolfgang says:

        hi stefanie,

        wir wollten schon lange nach kalifornien und jetzt hats geklappt: job, visum und umzug! lass uns ueber facebook oder so connecten . wolfgang

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