Chewing the moon is a personal recipe journal made public. It is a gift to all of us enjoying good food, little stories and beautiful pictures. I focus primarily on natural, whole foods and ingredients. All recipes are vegetarian, most of them vegan. I love to find new ways of cooking and preparing food so you will find glutenfree recipes for baking as well as many approaches of using different kinds of flours, sweeteners and dairy substitutes. As you are trying the recipes you will find out that every single meal will taste just great even if it consists of sometimes “unusual” (and healthy) ingredients.

In my professional live I’m a designer, specialized in design consulting and branding. Please click here if you want to know more about my work. I’m living together with my husband Thomas Leininger who is a great person and my favorite photographer. I’m very happy about him taking all those wonderful pictures for this blog. Please see his professional website and his beautiful photo blog.

Besides food, design and art Thomas and I share a huge passion for yoga. We went to many classes over the last few years until we finally decided to become yoga teachers ourselves. So we graduated at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. Being originally German I spent the last several years in Berlin, Nice, Los Angeles, and a village in North-Eastern France, so I have friends all over now and it feels natural to me writing this blog in English so everyone I know and probably will know in the future can take part of my culinary journey.

Well – good to have you here. Let’s chew the moon together.

Much love
Stefanie Reeb

7 Responses to “About”
  1. Engelbert says:

    Hello you two!

    I stumbled over your blog following a newsletter link from Indira, who is coming to LA for a workshop. I’m living in Salzburg, Austria and really appreciate your kind of lifestyle and the quality you choose when it comes to living, design, photography, yoga and cooking (and many more I think).

    My sister live’s in LA now (she moved from NY to LA this summer) and I will come to LA soon (1.11.) – so sorry that I will miss the Indira workshop but I had joined on already in Oberwhil (Zug, Switzerland). She will remember me when you tell her my name.

    I send you all the best from here and will follow your great recipes blog – wonderful ideas and wonderful photographs too! All the best, Engelbert

  2. Hi both, amazing blogs, and what can I say – amazing pics, of course.
    Alles Gute fuer Euch beide 🙂


  3. stefanie! your blog make me so hungry everytime i see it =) It also makes me miss both of you (and the pup). I hope you guys are enjoying life and that your wonderful travels continue to bring you to the best places. Tell Thomas I said hello =)

  4. veedine10 says:

    Hi Stephanie 🙂 I really enjoy your blog! It is creative and informative. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award – you can read all the details here: http://veedineintervention.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/liebster-award-nomination-napowrimo-day-5/

    • Dear Cristal, I’m very happy to hear that you like my blog! And thank you so much for your nomination. I feel very honored. It’s nice to get to know you and your blog. I’ll browse a bit through it today if you don’t mind ;–) Cheers to South Africa!

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