Crispbread with seeds

The crispbread we are talking about today behaves like a really good friend should: it goes very well together with others (like people – or in this case: spreads) but is delicious just by itself without being boring at all. Tonight I didn’t sleep so well so I got up and snuggled on the sofa … Continue reading

My ultimate comfort food for times of change: beetroot burgers with spelt flour buns

Hello my dear food lover, it’s the last day of the year already. It feels good to me to end this year and have a fresh start tomorrow. The beginning of a new year always contains such a sweet promise. It is all about change – and change is exciting. It bears so many possibilities. … Continue reading

Shockingly easy sunday brunch: Carrot-zucchini-bread

You think being lazy on a sunday morning and standing in the kitchen, making your own bread is not a perfect match, right? Because making your own bread from scratch is time-consuming and complicated? No offense, but you’re wrong. Please forgive me the lame joke, but in fact baking bread is just a piece of … Continue reading

“The smell of bread is the scent of all scents”: My favourite Kamut bread

This nice quote comes from the Czech author Jarosav Seifert. He adds “It is the most primary scent of our earthly life, the smell of harmony, of peace and of home.” I’m completely with him. In Germany as in most other countries people eat lots of bread. We even have a name for meals consisting … Continue reading

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