My ultimate comfort food for times of change: beetroot burgers with spelt flour buns

Hello my dear food lover, it’s the last day of the year already. It feels good to me to end this year and have a fresh start tomorrow. The beginning of a new year always contains such a sweet promise. It is all about change – and change is exciting. It bears so many possibilities. … Continue reading

My fastest tomato sauce for our summer of love

Tomatoes, basil and pasta. It’s such a cliché. It’s such a classic. It’s such a simple dish. And it can taste either so boring or so good, it all depends on the quality of the ingredients and the love and thought that is put into preparation. The pasta sauce I’m sharing with you today is … Continue reading

An Italian holiday: arugula polenta with oven tomatoes

An evening in rural Italy, close to Bologna. Sitting on a terrace, overseeing the soft silhouette of hills around you. A dog and a cat lying beside the dinner table, lazy and happy about the fresh evening breeze after a sunny and piping hot day. A red wine in your hand you watch the sun … Continue reading

“If I could just get a piece of lemon, it’d be great.” Lemon risotto with oven roasted baby broccoli

The little quote in the headline comes from Rip Torn, an american actor. I think he was right there as well as with another quote: “You can never turn your back on the ocean.” Simple but true. You would probably not guess that a man that speaks those zen-like sentences would take a gun and … Continue reading

East-western trilogy: wasabi infused mashed potatoes, peanut kale and sesame shiitake mushrooms

Don’t you think, that all this fusion food around has a lot to do with just being undecisive? Wanting harmony while there is actually lots of contrast and tension around? I confess: I’m one of those harmony-driven, fusion-food-lovers. Shall we establish a support group? “Hi, I’m Stefanie and I love fusion food. I want different … Continue reading

Getting grounded with Swiss Roeschti

Some days I wake up, drink a tea, write an e-mail, walk the dog, start working on a design for one of my clients, drink more tea and next thing I realize it’s 12 pm and I didn’t have breakfast yet. For many people it might be pretty common to miss a meal, though not … Continue reading

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