Beluga lentil salad and time for a picnic

Today is my dear friend Lings’ birthday (happy birthday, Dar-Ling!!) and this is normally the time of the year when the picnic season starts. When we still lived in Berlin we packed all kinds of nice things to eat in a bag and went to the Tiergarten in the middle of town where we all … Continue reading

Spring time salad with asparagus and peas

I’m on Mallorca and there is no doubt: spring is there! It’s green, sunny, there are tiny flowers everywhere, there’s a lot of asparagus, peas and all kinds of greens on the markets. So when my dear friend Ling, who’s a chef (and fashion designer) with her own catering company EATLING came to the island last … Continue reading

A green love story – salad with feta dressing

As a kid I was already adventurous when it came to food. I ate more or less anything. The only thing that I didn’t like for many years was salad. To me it tasted like grass and I found it incredibly boring to eat. My grandmother was the matron of our house and she cooked … Continue reading

Tastes like Marrakesh – oriental red quinoa salad

I have a very special relationship with Marrakesh. I love to think about it and I can daydream a lot about walking through the souqs and living in a colourful riad, but the truth is I’ve never been there. At least I tried pretty hard to get there. But sometimes if you try too hard … Continue reading

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