Beluga lentil salad and time for a picnic

Today is my dear friend Lings’ birthday (happy birthday, Dar-Ling!!) and this is normally the time of the year when the picnic season starts. When we still lived in Berlin we packed all kinds of nice things to eat in a bag and went to the Tiergarten in the middle of town where we all … Continue reading

Summer in your belly – Vietnamese (summer) rolls with mint dipping sauce

I know it’s not summer yet, it’s not even spring in most parts of this world but it’s good to have the summer in your hearts, souls and in your bellies. That’s what this dish is all about. I’m preparing these rolls for many years now and in every season and they are an all … Continue reading

NAKED LUNCH or the art of stripping an artichoke

Artichokes, honey mustard dressing

Did you know that artichokes are on the list of aphrodisiac vegetables? Me either, but I learnt it today, reading Isabel Allendes “Aphrodite”. It’s the process of touching the fleshy artichoke with your hands, removing its leaves one by one, dipping them in creamy sauce, slurping and pulling them through your teeths to remove the … Continue reading

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” – post-christmas nostalgia

I hope you all had a very good christmas time. What I like about christmas is in fact a mixed blessing: it brings back so many memories. There are lots of things I feel nostalgic about in this time and this brings me directly to the recipe I want to share with you. I admit that … Continue reading

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