Crispbread with seeds

The crispbread we are talking about today behaves like a really good friend should: it goes very well together with others (like people – or in this case: spreads) but is delicious just by itself without being boring at all. Tonight I didn’t sleep so well so I got up and snuggled on the sofa … Continue reading

Passionate Baking: Millet-Chocolate-Shortbread (vegan)

Lately I’m not so much into cooking, but baking is the big thing for me. I don’t need a psychiatrist to tell me where my passion for baking comes from. I remember the moment very vividly. For all my life I loved cakes, tarts, cookies and all kinds of flour- and sugar based food. The … Continue reading

Sweet awakening: vegan Pancakes

"pancake" "Pfannkuchen" "Crepes"

A favorite recipe for everyone, including me, who likes to eat something sweet and indulging for breakfast without feeling guilty at all – because it’s soo good for you. Ingredients (serves 2): 1 cup flour: either a ready-to-use gluten-free mixture (without any added baking powder or salt) or spelt or wheat flour 2 tablespoons baking … Continue reading

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