For adventurers only: Black bean chocolate cookies

I’m a big fan of adventure when it comes to cooking and baking (and not only there, but more about that later). I just LOVE finding new ways of delighting my taste buds with never before experienced combinations. Or, in some cases, experiencing an expected taste, like eating a chocolate cookie and tasting a chocolate … Continue reading

GIMME CAKE BABY – miniature chocolate cakes with decadent frosting (vegan, gluten- and sugar-free and oh so good)

This recipe comes straight from New York, from a lower East Side bakery named “babycakes”. Its owner Erin McKenna experiments a lot with baking delicious cakes, cookies and other treats that are healthy and don’t taste like that. They are sweet, full of flavour, with just the right consistency. I just read that Erin opened … Continue reading

Sweet awakening: vegan Pancakes

"pancake" "Pfannkuchen" "Crepes"

A favorite recipe for everyone, including me, who likes to eat something sweet and indulging for breakfast without feeling guilty at all – because it’s soo good for you. Ingredients (serves 2): 1 cup flour: either a ready-to-use gluten-free mixture (without any added baking powder or salt) or spelt or wheat flour 2 tablespoons baking … Continue reading

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